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Clydesdales/Athenas (200+ lb / 91+ kg) Looking to lose that spare tire? Ideal weight 200+? Frustrated being a large cyclist in a sport geared for the ultra-light? Learn about the bikes and parts that can take the abuse of a heavier cyclist, how to keep your body going while losing the weight, and get support from others who've been successful.

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Guess who's back (with ride pics)

As some of you know, Iíve been a bit waylaid this season recovering from a reconstructive knee surgery. I havenít been out riding since May and my bicycle has been mocking me ever since. Every time I walk by she whispers: ďhey bautieri, HTFU and ride me you little p*ssyĒ. Well, nothing gives you the urge to ride quite like irresistible combination of new bike stuff and a nice day. I had recently acquired some new cross tires, WTB Cross Wolfs for my Tricross, and my friend purchased a 2011 Trek X01 the night beforeÖso a ride was in order. Heeding to what little good sense I have about me, we selected a rail trail. Specifically we choose Lancaster Countyís Conwago(sp?) trail which connects the Lebanon Valley Rail Trail. Something flat and that had many road crossings in case my partner had to head back to the truck and SAG me out.

The weather was perfect, mid 50ís, sunny and not too windy. We set off into what was left of the fall foliage and had a great afternoon of riding.

Here is a picture of my bicycle, Miss Evil, posing with her new shoes. Her clipless pedals have been removed and replaced with platforms for the time being:

Now itís a tradition for both ďreal cyclistsĒô and the wannabes alike to get out and ride your age on or around your birthday. I happened to be three weeks overdue so once I was reasonable certain that my knee was in good shape, we set out to cover 26 miles. Well, the turn around point and came went. Iím glad we pressed on as we were rewarded with some neat things to see.

Here is a photo of a wrought iron bridge we crossed shortly before entering the town of Cornwall Furnace. Itís a bummer how cruddy my pictures turned out. Next time Iíll have to bring something with a little better camera than my blackberry:

Miss Evil with her new friend ďHugs and KissesĒ (Good name for a bike with Xs and Os on it)

Now there is one aspect of riding with friends which cannot be stressed enough. Always, and I mean always, take the time to goof off. In Cornwall Furnace we found a gigantic keg which was built in 1969 to hold rootbeer. It was restored by a local Boy Scout troop in 1999 and I assume itís been under the canopy since. My Google-Fu has not turned up any definitive information on it, so Iím going to go with the explaination that it is a big ole keg for the sake of being a big ole keg. Good enough for me. I think Iíll have some since I was running low on water anyways:

All in all, we covered 32 miles and had a blast. My "sit bones" need some work but all in all I felt pretty strong while riding.

Itís good to be back.

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That keg looks to big to move.
So quit trying!
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Ever been to the Jigger Shop in Mt. Gretna? Good ice cream and great outdoor deck. I believe it's only open weekends beween Memorial Day and Labor Day. Although you have to climb a few hills to do it, it's worth taking a spin around the town on the south side of PA 117. Lots of storybook looking houses. And many of the streets are named after colleges and universities.
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Talk about yer kegger dude! That is a riot. Great pictures.
I think its disgusting and terrible how people treat Lance Armstrong, especially after winning 7 Tour de France Titles while on drugs!

I can't even find my bike when I'm on drugs. -Willie N.
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I get jealous when I see pics like yours; there is such a pitiful lack of cycling infrastructure in my neck of the woods. In this city of over 300K people we have
about 50 km (~30 miles) of MUP, but little of it is connected. I think the longest ride that I can do without negotiating any surface streets is about 20 km.
There is the 140 km (~87 mile) Greater Niagara Circle Route, but that's a 2.5 hour drive from where I live. If anyone knows any trails like this close to London,
Ontario that I'm completely ignorant of please let me know.

Great pics, BTW, and congrats on your recovery!
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Welcome back!!
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Nice pics, welcome back!
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Glad you got back at it and felt great. The trail only extends a few more miles (maybe 5 more) into the city of Lebanon. Jigger shop is definitely worth a stop, but only open during the summer.
The cross tires look nice on your ride. Perfect for that surface. Any twinges on the incline up to Mt. Gretna?
Now practice up so we can ride that metric from up in Harrisburg down to Gretna and back.
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forgot to mention that the root beer barrel was some kind of roadside attraction. They sold things out of it way back. It used to be located close to the intersection with Route 322 and Route 72. Only a few miles away from the current location. I think a Boy Scout refurbished it as his Eagle Scout project. It was then moved it's current location.
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Congrat. Looks like a great ride. Thanks for reminding me that I'm going to have to ride 49 miles right after New Years. Now I just need to find 50 miles that's downhill with a tailwind all the way.
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