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    Clyde Ride. 6 Month 2,000 mile review

    I've clicked over 2,000 miles on my 2010 Trek 2.3
    I'm 5'8" and 230# and it's ridden on fairly smooth roads. After 1 week I took it back to the LBS for a fitting and a new saddle. Other than that, it's not been touched other than chain maintenance. Wheels have remained true and tight, chain still passes the 0.75 test, original tires have each had one flat and they look like they have many more miles in them.

    105s shift flawlessly
    Comfortable ride with awesome acceleration
    Can't see any signs of wear

    Original saddle is an insult. I would have thought more of Trek had it come with just a seat post.
    The decals are getting on my nerves. "Trek" is on the bike 8 times. When my Wabi is finished I'm sending my roadie out for a media blast and powder coat sans decals.

    Bottom line. If it was stolen today, I'd buy another just like it.

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    Glad to hear you like it. Had I broken 200 when I had planned, and had I magically found a pot of money then as well, I would have bought one just like it.
    Craig in Indy

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