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    Anyone ride a new(er) Fuji ACR or other bike with AL frame/carbon seat stays?

    I currently ride a 15 year old 63cm Litespeed Classic that is a perfect fit for me. I bought it new and just keep upgrading the thing. It won't die. I can easily do 60-80 miles on it if I stop every once in awhile.

    So, what's the problem? I keep it 100 miles from home at my GF's house. I commute there on my motorbike to save gas and I'm tired of dragging my mountain bike around my home roads during the week. Anyone have a 61 or 64cm ACR or a 61 or larger Secteur Comp with the carbon seat stays? I'd live to here your experience.

    I'd consider several other frames but except for the 2010 ACRs that Performance is still discounting there don't seem to be many AL/Carbon frames left to consider. Felt has phased out the F75 in that flavor, going all aluminum with a carbon fork.

    That leaves Fisher, Specialized and a couple of others. Fisher's Ion Pro with all 105 stuff is $$, though.

    It would seem to me that an AL/Carbon frame would work well for big guys and might not weigh a ton. Or perhaps I'm barking up the wrong tree and should just get another Ti bike.

    Any comments?

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    I have a 58cm '07 Fuji Roubaix RC (I believe the ACR 1.0 replaced it) and it is a great bike. I'm 6' and around 230 lbs. It is a light and comfortable ride. The carbon stays make a noticeable difference in comfort (I actually thought my back tire was going flat the first few rides). Never been concerned about durability and I hit potholes, RR tracks and other stuff regularly. Don't see why a larger frame would be any diferent.

    My wife has an '06 Fuji Finest 1.0 which is the women's version and loves hers as well.

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