So I decided to just do it.

I have not been riding much since August, longest ride this year has been a 40 miler. So this was pretty early in the season for me. On the other hand I have back in school, and have taken a basic weight training class both terms. Which seemed to help quite a bit.

I was surprised as the pieces fell together to make a very pleasant ride. My nutrition was much better than previous centuries I have done. I ate on the bike consistently, after taking the time to make bite size pieces, trying to reduce my off the bike time. I also took a wide selection of stuff from Lars bars and dried pineapple to jerky. All made into little zip locks placed in my binto bag on my top tube.

The day started cold, wet and dark from Forest Grove, OR. I remembered the sage advice off the board--figures it would come from beanz--to take it easy to the end, which is what you remember. So I stayed in a comfortable zone of 13-15mph through the first leg.

The ride posted 5000 feet of climbing, and climb I did. I took it easy on the long pulls, and pushed up the shorted grades, While I still need to work on the hills, the work I have done showed to be effective. I had to walk up the last 1/3 of the last hill on the way back. It was at the 100-102 mile marker. So I walked up and enjoined the 6 mile descent.

At the last control I enjoined some gator aid with a milky way and breezed through the last 12 miles in the 13-17 mph range. Which is much better to than my usual bonk in the last 15 miles of a rides limping in at 7mphs.

I saw a horse running down the rode, having his own run, without anyone. I had tp tell the owner were to find him: ) I also found a very pleasant difference between brevets and the other organized rides I have done, the people. Some times on centuries I have been stressed out by other riders, yesterdays ride was not stressful, nor did I feel rushed. It was just fun.

So I did my first 200k with 5k climbing in about 11:32. And after wards, I ate all those calories back, and than some. no, I do not feel guilty.