I've tried four or five over the last year and really didnt want to keep spending $50-150 on seats. I've been riding Specialized BG seats on my commuter and mountain bikes - okay I guess, but I'm so new to cycling that I really dont have a clue whats comfy and what isnt, until now I have a Fizik Aliante on my road bike (what it came with) and its pretty good. I steered away from them for the others as they were always out of my price range. I recently read some reviews on the Aliante Gamma seat and almost all the reviews were positive. Nasbar had them $50 off so I ordered one - wow - definately the seat for me. It was the same feeling when I finally found a bike that fit me right. If you have a big ass like me, definately try this one - its a very smooth and rounded design that just works (for me). Plus they're $60 off now too.