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    Accepting that I'm a Clyde... Wheel change... :)

    Okay, so I've always been big but in denial maybe? Of my weight.
    I've been "riding" for 5 years or so but no more than probably 200-300 miles in an entire year. This year however, Im getting way past that. Just this month, I have logged 198 miles and hope to finish up the month around the 300 mile mark.
    However, I had ridden on Ksyrium ES's. Loved the wheels. They are light, durable and look SEXY as hell! (IMO anyways).
    So now that I've been biking a little more, I am putting my huge legs to some use. When I was out on the ES's a couple weeks ago, I was out of the saddle and with every push, I was get rubbing on the rear brake and I'm assuming it was from the rear wheel. However, I ignored it and noticed it more on a few rides.

    I had a set of Dura Ace hubs laced to some open pros sitting in my garage that I got from a friend. They are like new. He's more superficial than I am so he didn't like the look of them so he never rode them. Me being along the same lines, hadn't even mounted the onto my bike in the couple months that I'd had them.

    So last week, I finally put them on my bike. (they are 28H front and 32H rear) and within the first quarter mile, I was stunned. They were so much more comfortable. I didn't think Id be able to tell such a big difference. Additionally, my rubbing on my rear brake is gone and these wheels feel SOLID!

    I guess the ES's were doing ok, but they were probably being pushed to their limit by my weight and these wheels just roll like my weight is nothing...

    I did ride this weekend with said friend and he's like "WHERE ARE THE ES's!?"
    I responding by saying, I'm better off on these wheels at my weight. He was amazed that I would put these crappy silver spoked wheels on my bike when I had beautiful wheels sitting at home.

    I've decided to use only these wheels until I hit 225. then I'll swap between the two. But for now, I'm happy with these wheels.

    Also, I probably hit 35-40 mph down hill on these this past weekend. Thats a story for a different thread.

    Also, while embracing my weight, I've sold off my Kestrel and have a litespeed to replace it. I've decided I'll reward myself with a carbon frame once I hit 200 pounds.
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    Amazing the different feel different tires or wheels will give. And some big boosts in performance but we have to match the components to the engine. I'm better off on touring wheels than race wheels right now, but that's OK. The fact is, I ride. Sounds like you do too. Way to go.
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    maybe the ksyriums aren't tensioned properly??? how many spokes on those?

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