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    weight limits on suspension forks?

    I gave up on the 1.1 road bike. It seemes to stretched out for me due to back issues. I am now focused on either the FX series or the Montare/Utopia line. I like the thought of having a suspension fork to go where maybe you wouldn't take a FX but I can't seem to get any indication on how much weight they can support. I also wonder if riding out on the road (where the bulk of use would be) with the fork locked cause any damage to it over time? Also, I keep reading about the constant adjustments required with disc brakes. Is it because they went cheap on them? How can a Utopia with discs and a suspension be cheaper than a 7.5 fx with neither?

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    Disc brakes seem to need more adjusting than rim brakes, at least in my experience, but adjusting them takes all of 10 to 15 seconds. I've done it at a red light before, and been on my way when it turned green. Don't let that put you off.

    Unless you're planning to do a lot of rough riding - stairs, etc - I'd stay away from suspension forks. I had a bike with one, once, and thought it was very cool at first. But the lock out doesn't really lock the shocks out, it just puts them at a high tension. Flexing the springs takes a good deal of the energy you're trying to put into riding, especially when you try to sprint. And it makes sharp turns less smooth and predictable. But, there were a few sections of trail with tree roots pushing up through the pavement, one at the bottom of a hill, where the shocks were really nice to have.

    I'd look into the particular fork for its weight limit.
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