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    A word (or two)on behalf of Clydes and Athenas

    Several saturdays back I joined a local clubs 44 mile ride.
    The back third of the ride went up some serious climbs and the winds were in everyones face for the last 15 miles.
    I stopped (sidetracked by a 61 401hp 390 Ford Starliner)and never caught the lead pack.
    Midway between the two groups I did the ride solo (and promptly got lost)
    I wound up doing a shortcut and was about 6 miles out from the finish when I was passed by 4 riders easily doing over 20mph)
    To say they blew past would be an understatement.
    The two guys were over 250lbs and their female partners went an easy 220.
    These folks climbed the steeper section of the ride, had stopped for a break and had caught me (I was doing 17 for most of the ride)even tho I'd taken a shortcut that took 5 miles off the ride.
    I learned (in the lot) these folks go out regularly doing hill riding and rarely do a ride under 19/20mph)
    Lesson learned?
    btw..I'm at 215 )

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    I can name around 10 C & A riders from the Seattle International Randonneurs who have qualified with their Super Rando series this year, and plan to ride the PBP 1200k Grand Randonnee this fall. The current single season RUSA distance record is held by a Clyde from our club (at least he was when he set the record; he may have dropped below 200 since then).
    "I feel like my world was classier before I found cyclocross."
    - Mandi M.

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