Hello, all!

I am still very new to the forum and cycling -- here's my first true post detailing my background: http://www.bikeforums.net/showthread...2#post12849072 -- and have learned I will not be a Clyde for long!

I weighed around 220 lbs when I started cycling, but I now weigh 205. Although I'm not thin, I am still very far from being huge though according to most body fat charts I am just barely over the 'obese' threshold (for my age/height over 25% body fat is 'obese' and I am about 27% body fat).

Because of this coupled with the fact that I am still not nearly as in shape as I need to be from a fitness standpoint, I will still be a Clyde at heart for long. I can cycle on flat surfaces at a good pace without issue for long distances but hills still kick my butt and force me to take a couple minute break at the top of most of them.

I really just wanted to post tonight because I got back from my first night ride and it was awesome. I only did 15 miles (could have went much farther) with an average speed of 14.5 mph and 6 good hill climbs along the way. I had just got my Planet Bike Blaze 2-watt LED headlight in the mail yesterday and wanted to try it out. It is amazing and I am very happy with my purchase.

It really was nice to ride at night too because I got to experience the 'cool' temps of 85 and no hot sun baring down on me. Already over 135 miles now in just a few weeks of starting to cycle. Like I already stated, hills still kick my butt for sure but I am definitely starting to go up them a little faster and without getting quite as winded as before.

It's also been about 2 weeks since I drank a soda or had any fast food at all. I've been eating and drinking healthy and so far, so good!

I really love cycling-- I just wish I had gotten into it 10 years ago when I was younger!