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    Out of service for a bit while new wheels are built.

    Today was the last straw, I'm tired of breaking spokes or having the wheel come out of true every 20 miles Being new to bikes I took the LBS's recommendation for a bike that would hold up to my 330lbs... it doesn't.

    Just ordered some 40h (rear)/36h (front) Velocity Dyad wheels from bikemania. Looks like a pretty good deal.

    I hope they don't take too long to get built and delivered, because I'm not fixing my current POS wheels again. I'll be sure to follow up as to how they work out!

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    Good luck! I'm currently bikeless as I await the delivery of a new tire... I blew out the old one when I landed in a weird concrete rut last weekend. I get home from a business trip tomorrow and the tire gets delivered Friday - nearly perfect timing.

    As for your situation, you need to maintain the tension in your wheels. Those sound bulletproof but... The very least you can do is pluck the spoke like a guitar string and listen to the tone. The tone (assuming you don't have a tin ear) will sound different depending on the the cross pattern or whether it's drive side on the rear wheel, but you should be able to tell if a spoke is losing tension. If it is, fix it before it breaks.

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