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    Getting back in the saddle, post tendonitis...

    Well my elbow tendon injury took far longer to recovery from than I expected...three weeks was what i was told to expect, six weeks was more apt and I am still not at 100%.

    Much appreciation to the poster that mentioned on a similar topic about the orientation of their hoods, and how it was twisting their elbow outward. I inspected my own bike and realized this was the case for mine, likely it was exacerbating the injury.

    But a half-hour ride this morning went okay, there is a small amount of residual stiffness and soreness afterwards but nothing to overly complain about...and it is fading fast.

    I suppose this injury was well-timed...if you look at the weather forecast for the US, I am directly under the giant red "H" sitting over Texas. We are actually excited this week, it will drop way down to 103 tomorrow! to my question, is this normal for tendonitis recovery or should I be resting longer?
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