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Thread: My new wheels

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    My new wheels

    and the rest of the bike.

    Found an awesome deal on an Elite last week and picked it up Friday night. The bike was listed a 2002\2007 the frame had been upgraded at some point so it had a mix of 105\tiagra components from the original bike and a 2007 elite frame. When I went to check it out the owner said her and her husband had bought matching bikes in 02 and both frames cracked after a while so they were sent back and were given 07 elite frames. On top of that, come to find out the owner was also the owner of the LBS so I know this thing was taken care of and it looks it as well. Picked it up for $500 and I'm perfectly happy with that!

    I'm pumped about the Allez though, I couldn't believe how much smoother it feels. I expected a big difference from the Gravity but I was truly blown away. NOW, time to get rid of the last 40 pounds hanging around.

    Click for HiRes

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    Congrats.. Nice ride!

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