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Clydesdales/Athenas (200+ lb / 91+ kg) Looking to lose that spare tire? Ideal weight 200+? Frustrated being a large cyclist in a sport geared for the ultra-light? Learn about the bikes and parts that can take the abuse of a heavier cyclist, how to keep your body going while losing the weight, and get support from others who've been successful.

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Old 09-11-11, 07:43 AM   #26
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Originally Posted by Triode View Post
Haven't tried the Gutr, but have the Halo.

for cycling, the skullcap wins hands down, IMO - assuming you wear a helmet.

works a lot better than you might think. Evaporation helps keep you cool. Works great under a helmet.

It is even better if you wet it with a little water after a break if it has dried out a bit.
I have a classic headsweats and I love it. I sweat soooooo much and the headsweats makes it so the top of my head stays dry. Can't complain there. It really does get ride of so much sweat. I feel the difference when I'm not wearing it. (does look silly, but once you put the helmet on, it's perhaps 50% less silly lol)
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Old 06-15-13, 07:57 PM   #27
Booger McSmoot
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Let me first establish my sweat bona fides. 1. I flirt back and forth with Clydesdale status; currently just below at 90kg. 2. I burn 1 quart of water an hour on an 80 degree day 3. People riding behind me on a rapid descent think it is raining. It is not.
I have both the Halo extra-wide tie it in the back headband and the sweat gutr. The Halo holds heat and needs to be wrung out every 45 minutes at least. Sweat gets in my eyes. It simply cannot move the sweat from my forehead fast enough. The sweat gutr is BRILLIANT. The ends of the gutr touch my helmet straps providing a channel. I do not notice sweat running down my face. 4 hours of riding today and only a few beads of sweat in my eyes. I'll use the sweat gutr for riding and save the halo for nordic skiing.
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Old 06-16-13, 05:44 AM   #28
Ursa Minor
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A different opinion: neither!

Instead I rub olive oil on my forehead and eyelids. The sweat rolls off and no stinging eyes.
As a bonus my skin is very soft.

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I was climbing a big hill on a hot day and got some very salty sweat in my eyes and couldn't see. I ordered the GUTR and haven't had that problem since. I wear it with my helmet and sunglasses and it works great.
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Old 06-16-13, 08:40 AM   #30
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Never heard of the Gutr. I used to use Headsweats headbands and always carried one or two spares while riding because the got so soaked with sweat. One season, while cross-country skiing, I purchased a Halo headband. Absolutely hated the thing. Didn't really do what it is supposed to do. The past year, I've been riding with a Headsweats Coolmax Classic. The tails are silly. I'll look into the Coolmax Shorty. In addition to the advantages already mentioned, it keeps the top of my head from getting sunburnt, (I do wear a helmet).
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I have the Halo elastic headband, and I'm happy with it. It fits my large head, keeps sweat out of my eyes and off my sunglasses pretty well, and once I'm riding I don't notice it. I wash it after every hot ride and it's starting to look worn on the edges, but still works. I hope it lasts...
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Originally Posted by slikor View Post
I have the Halo elastic headband, and I'm happy with it. It fits my large head, keeps sweat out of my eyes and off my sunglasses pretty well, and once I'm riding I don't notice it. I wash it after every hot ride and it's starting to look worn on the edges, but still works. I hope it lasts...
I also use the Halo elastic band and have had no problems. It does the job. I don't find it gets all wet and has to be wrung out. It keeps sweat out of my eyes and isn't hot/warm to wear. I haven't tried the other products because I am satisfied with the Halo. Interesting the experiences people have with the same product... I wash it after every ride using soap and water and hung dry. It stays in pretty good shape. I do have several so I rotate them around.

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Medic Zero 
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I've been using the Halo (elastic) for at least a year now. No complaints so far, although almost all my rides are about an hour, with the occasional two hour ride, in quite temperate weather. Despite sweating a lot otherwise, I have yet to saturate the Halo to the point sweat is running into my eyes, it has totally solved that problem for me. It's damp/wet after virtually every ride, but I don't recall it being overpowered. Perhaps that will change this summer. I wash mine pretty irregularly, maybe every 6 weeks or something and haven't had any problems.

A couple of times I thought I lost my Halo and was quite concerned as it is hard to imagine going back to a cloth bandana, especially since my new helmet is a little too tight for that. I was planning on purchasing a second Halo, but based on all the great reviews here I think I might give the Gutr a try. When I originally chose the Halo, I was leery of how small it appeared given how much sweat I put out.
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Mid-way through last season I bought one of each, for evaluation. I started with the Halo and it's done so well for me that I haven't wanted to try the Gutr at all yet.
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Old 06-18-13, 10:21 AM   #35
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I have the gutr and a sweat vac cap. THe gutr is a bit of a pain to use as I have to adjust my helmet just so and my glasses just so.

Its not terrible by any means. I use the sweat vac cap more often than not however
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Old 06-18-13, 10:39 AM   #36
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I have had both for years, and my experience and preference for the GUTR is the same as yours.
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Used the Halo years ago, and then figured out that the problem wasn't the sweat; it was that I wasn't drinking enough water on my rides and the concentration of salt in the sweat was accordingly high. Upped my water intake, haven't had to use a Halo or the equivalent since.
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I use both and like both but if I were forced to choose one, it would be the Sweat Gutr.

In hot, humid oppressive summer weather, the Gutr is better since it doesn't saturate completely like the Halo.

On shorter rides or in less oppressive heat, I like the Halo just as much. It fits a little easier under a helmet

I would give the Sweat Gutr an A+ and the Halo an A-

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