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Clydesdales/Athenas (200+ lb / 91+ kg) Looking to lose that spare tire? Ideal weight 200+? Frustrated being a large cyclist in a sport geared for the ultra-light? Learn about the bikes and parts that can take the abuse of a heavier cyclist, how to keep your body going while losing the weight, and get support from others who've been successful.

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Old 09-30-11, 08:02 PM   #1
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100-250 Mile Club: October Edition: Ride Through the FALLing leaves....whooooosh.....

Fall is in the air.... leaves fallin.... colder brisk weather.... are ingredients for a wonderful month of riding!

***and remember..... watch out for little monsters, disney charectors, princeses, and weird looking kids dressed up***

Whos in????

Chef: 250 plus
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I am in for 250 + again this month!

10/1 - 23 Miles
10/2 - 23 Miles
10/4 - 16 Miles
10/6 - 16 Miles

Total - 78 Miles

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Runaway Breadtruck
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Sign me up!
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Old 09-30-11, 09:05 PM   #4
Cactus Hobbit
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I'm in.
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Old 09-30-11, 09:29 PM   #5
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I'm in. The 64cm Surly LHT frames are due out in March. This gives me 5 months to earn one at $0.50/km. Kilometer 0 starts tomorrow.

Edit: <50km done halfway through the month. I can't find time to ride with my course load at the moment. I'll be back in December after finals are over.

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Im in for 250 + But I'm really going too dig in this month!! So look out...

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Old 10-01-11, 05:14 AM   #7
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I am in for 200 this month. Hopefully I have better luck this month than I did last

4.5 miles this am on the way to work.
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I'm in for 150 again this month, and I'll hope for more.
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October Goal - 100-250 miles

10/01/11 - 7.83

Total - 7.83 miles
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Old 10-01-11, 09:31 AM   #10
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I've only been doing 150-160 a month up till now, but I'm in for 250 this month.

10/1 - 3.7 miles
10/2 - 25.6 miles
Total MTD: 29.3 miles

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Old 10-01-11, 09:41 AM   #11
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I did 180ish last month, I think I could crack 225 in October.
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Old 10-01-11, 09:50 AM   #12
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I am in for 250. I made 223 last month and I had crap weather. I am hoping being a bit further south will help.

10/1: 3.7 miles on hybrid, with spouse
10/2: 18.56 On the Madone through the cornfields, watching wooly bear caterpillers and flocks of bluebirds. Perfect.
10/3: 16 miles (best estimate) on the gravel MUP surrounding the town. Hard work. Hilly. Fun except for the grasshoppers.
10/4: Off, waiting for the cable tv guy
10/5: 23.4. On the Madone on pretty nice roads, perfect weather, but too many trucks
10/6: off
10/7: 31.64 WINDY!!!!! on the Madone
10/8: off and pooped
10/9: 8.5 miles. I went as fast as I could which still is too pokey, averaging 13.5mph. Half in town half in country. 14.7 average the first half, wind slowed me for the second half.
10/10: Off, painted porch on condo
10/11: 8.7 best estimate, on trails with hybrid
10/12: Off, rain
10/13: 9.4 on the trails with the hybrid, working it.
10/14: Off for no good reason
10/15: 17.3. (15.9 on roadbike, and then a quick ride to the farmer's market on clydebike).
10/16 and 17: off
10/18: 31, at least. Odometer accidentally zero'd out.
10/19: personal trainer day
10/20: off, sore
10/21: 10.5 on the trails with the Quick
10/22-23: Off, did absolutely nothing
10/24: personal trainer day. Also did a lazy 7 miles with spouse, on the Quick.
10/25: 6.3 on the Quick around town
10/26: personal trainer day
10/27: burn out
10/28: 15.65 on the Madone, rolling hills, last Iowa ride

207.65 miles
112 pounds

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Old 10-01-11, 09:53 AM   #13
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Location: Lexington, KY
Bikes: 2014 Giant Avail 2, 1999? Giant Sedona
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Aiming again for 200, maybe I'll finally hit it!
A little worried about how the new fall weather will help or hurt me.

Good luck everyone!
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Old 10-01-11, 12:34 PM   #14
Keepin it Wheel
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My first ever monthly challenge. Fortunately I'm in San Diego, so the weather will be a little more ideal than usual.

Since my odo this morning read 835.7, I'm going to make my goal 164.3:

10/1: 25.05
10/3: 26.32
10/8: 13.71
10/9: 8.02
10/11: 8.99
10/13: 29.41
10/14: 8.38
10/22: 22.89
10/28: 19.37
10/31: 52.30 (R/T commute)
Total: 232.93

Last edited by RubeRad; 10-31-11 at 09:26 PM. Reason: more miles!
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10-1: 32
10-7: 16.8
10-8: 30
10-9: 30
10-10: 30
10-15: 62
10-23: 30

Total: 230.8

Last edited by Brutal.Roadrnr; 10-23-11 at 04:45 PM.
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Old 10-01-11, 03:10 PM   #16
C 2
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I'm in. Unfortunately I'm about a week out from starting as I have to get new tires before the bike is safe to ride again. Been awhile since I've ridden, so I'll start with 100 miles as this months goal.
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Old 10-01-11, 03:21 PM   #17
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Location: Calgary, AB, Canada
Bikes: 2004 Kona Caldera, 2011 Felt F75
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Yeah, go on then, I'm in. Doubt I'll make the 300 again this month, but I'll shoot for 200 and see how it goes weather wise.
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Old 10-01-11, 03:43 PM   #18
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10.1.11: 30 miles
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Old 10-01-11, 03:47 PM   #19
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Location: San Jose, CA
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Chef, I'm in for 250 miles this month.
Off to a good start. 10/1 = 37 miles
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Old 10-01-11, 03:49 PM   #20
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I am in for a yet to be determined mileage: I hope at least 100 but Bear the wonder dog thinks he needs me to carry his leash and walk with him so he does not get in trouble with PD/Dog catcher when he walks! He does not do well next to the bike!!

100111 0 miles bike; 3.41 walked! As I look at me trekie I do want to get the 198 miles I need to get 1000 miles before the end of this year!!

100211 0 miles bike and the dog did not make me walk either!!

100311 I Know I am not riding or walking today DDS will be starting the work toward false teeth; the back three remaining today and maybe a front that has been a problem then 6 weeks and the fronts come out and the upper plate goes in!! Actually not feeling to bad; the smoothie and a few bites of my son's bowl of chili for supper was good (smoothie was my choice -- figured the cold of the frozen fruit would feel good!). May end up taking a short walk tomorrow bike may occur wednesday or thursday.

100411 See yesterday!?!?!? Did walk 1.2 miles; feeling a bit of a headache and a bit of muscle ache the latter from tring to help the DDS remove the teeth resistance to the pull on the tooth and the headache for reasons of having three teeth removed from the upper jaw!!

100511 Still not doing bike (Thursday will happen) walked 2.8 mile though!

100611 DID BIKE!! 20.3 miles and I walked 3.81 miles! Looking back at what I had on the mileage tracker below I figure that I am about 188 short of making the 1000 for the year as of today as in I figure that I may have rounded about 8 mile iver into the tracker before joining the challenges here, at which time I kept better track of the tenths of a mile ridden so Aug and Sept miles were kept corrected to the MTD total here! So, this over this month and Nov I must get in 188 more miles (and I best do as much as I can in Oct! Cause who knows when the snow will fly!)

100711 Got off work at 1500 so no ride; was not going to walk but Bear kept looking at me! So we had to go -- walked 1.13 miles

100811 Have Family picnic thing for DW's work; I intend to walk there after a few moments of me time after work!! In toher words I am planning on toelling her and child to go ahead and I will catch up!! Did 1.6 mile there and did 1.75 miles with DW after the event and shoppping trip. She had the van with the chairs and kid; also they went before I got home from work so one car at event this way!

100911 No Bike or walk!

101011 No Bike walked 2.8 miles Bike tomorrow weather permitting!

101111 23.14 Miles biked Walked 4.5 miles! (MTD 43.34 MTG 1,000/year 165) I added 3.1 miles on the bike after setting up my old Specialized for my 11 year old son. That makes 46.44 MTD and 163 MTG to 1, 000 YTD!

101211 20.53 miles biked; the dog did not get his wish today no walk had to pay the bills! (MTD 66.97)

101311 0 Miles Biked; 0 miles walked but the back yard is not longer knee deep!!

101411 21.19 miles biked 2.26 miles walked (MTD 88.16)

101811 I have been walking but have not biked since the 14th; maybe tomorrow or Thursday; the cold has arrived in Kansas but may be letting up by Thurdays. Longsleved shirt under jersey and sweats pants over padded shorts and gloves is the order of the day if you ride! I know I am a wimp! It is the sudden change that is the problem 70's one day and 50-60's the next! Nice rain last night! We will see; I will have to change the tube out before I can ride so it may get done Wed and ride Thurs!

101911 Walked

102011 Walked about 1 miles with the DW and then got 10.5 miles in on the bike this afternoon; this was after fetting both dogs Rabies et al vaxs updated. I am not totally sure where my year to date miles are somewhere between the track posted here or four mile less if I bellive my bikejournal site total so I might just have to do 1004 on the below tracker to be sure!! (MTD 98.65)

102111 Biked 21.76 miles (MTD 120.52)

102211 walked around stores in Pittsburg KS!

102311 Biked 17.8 miles (MTD 138.32 YTD 945.75 per records) Do not know why I have 2.25 more mile on pedalmybike!

102411 Walked 5.19 miles

102511 Biked 20.9 miles in a 16-17 MPH with gusts to 33 out of the South! Walked about a mile with the DW. (MTD 159.22 YTD 966.65 per Had a Doctor's appointment this afternoon; got some really great news; I no longer have to do med's for HBP or Diabetes!!!! Funny what losing 112 ugly pounds will do for you!!!!!!

102611 let's not talk about my lack of motivation today!!

102711 Biked 15.56 miles; would have gone farther but the wind!! (per MTD 174.78 YTD 982.21) Just might make the 1,000 miles for the year by 10/31? Only 17.79 miles to go; if not by 10/31 I Know that I can get it during Nov!! Found error in writing down milage from!!

102811 Biked 12.13 miles (MTD 186.91 YTD 994.34)

102911 DID NOTHING!!

103011 Biked 13.43 Miles making my MTD 200.34 miles and YTD 1007.77; made the 1000 plus 7.77 miles. I think next year I will track my walking miles as well as biking miles! I surprized my self with the number of miles I biked this year most in the last four or so months; I could do 2000-3000 next year if I do the same kind of mile in say March through October next year that I did this year from late July to October this year.

Last edited by McCallum; 10-30-11 at 03:29 PM. Reason: Add to post (hopefully mile soon!!)
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In for 100! Thanks for lowering the mileage entrance.

Monday, October 3rd - 6 miles.
Tuesday, October 4th - 3 miles
Wednesday, October 5th - 3 miles (and signed up for a July triathlon today!)
Thursday, October 6th - 6 miles
Friday, October 7th - 3 miles/rear brakes went out! glad i saw before i rode
Thursday, October 13th - 3 miles (bike was in shop Sunday-Wed.)
Friday, October 14th - 6 miles
Monday, October 17th - 3 miles
Tuesday, October 18th - 3 miles
Thursday, October 20th - 6 miles (practiced riding in bigger gears and later on that day did a racing speed fartlek)
Monday, October 24th - 6 miles
Tuesday, October 25th - 3 miles ( I miss having less internet at home! I feel like I'm out of the loop. =>)
mileage to date: 51 miles (less than expected but still riding along)

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Trying to stay upright.
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I'm in for 100. I did not do well last month because I had some surgical procedures done and was not allowed to "exert" myself for most of a week, twice in the month. I think we are done with procedures for now, so I want to finish up 100 this month. I went out today for 3.7 miles, and it was cold and very windy. The cold doesn't bother me because I can dress for that, but the wind sure made it a lot harder to pedal at times. Almost stopped me at one point. grrrrr.....
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I hit 209 last month, so I am in for 250+ in October. This will be my first challenge.
10/1 - 14.5
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Put me in for another 250. I only got 230 last month, but I got a pretty bad cold at the end, and I am gonna use that as an excuse.

Its been raining here lately, but I have been spinning at the gym. I feel that it is pretty accurate. I was completely drenched with sweat after only one hour!

10/3 - 20 miles
10/4 - 20 miles
10/12 - 10 miles
10/14 - 11 miles, after over a week off the bike. Broken spoke. Hill repeats.
10/15 - 10 miles of hill repeats.
10/17 - about 2 miles.
10/19 - 7.5 miles
10/21 - 35 miles. Longest distance so far. It felt good to bike after yesterday, which was pretty much 0 physical activity.

Total: 115.5 miles

Man. I have a long way to go. But I'll give it my best shot. I hope the weather stays good.

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Ok I only made 138 last month bike in shop & work issues I know should of pushed harder on day I did ride. But that said I am in for 150 in October and will make it this month. Got some nice long rides planned for the month should not be a problem.
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