It's that time again. What to get, its such a daunting process. Looking for a new road bike.

Back in the spring I decided to get into cycling and ended up buying a Trek 1.2 XL. Its been a great bike and I've ridden over around 1500 miles since May and I truly love road cycling. Only thing is my 1.2 doesn't really fit me very well and i've had problems with some of the components. I'm 6'5" and weight 275. I'm running a 140mm stem and an offset seat post and I've been working with the LBS helping me get my fit right and we feel a new bike with a longer top tube will really help. My wife has given me the green-light to buy what I want and sell the 1.2.

My budget is 2k-3k. Thats what I can spend on the bike as well as a wheel set which I think I probably need since I'm starting to have problems with my current wheel and started breaking spokes. The main thing I want is reliability as well as comfort. I mainly ride for exercise and pleasure and I plan to ride in charity events, century rides, etc...

The local bike shop is pushing me to get a Giant TCR Composite. He is telling me how its a stiffer carbon bike and will be good for me at my current weight and it has a longer top tube than a lot of the other bikes available. I'm interested in hearing some tips on other bikes I should consider that would be a good fit for me size wise as well as comfort.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.