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    Brooks sprung saddles for heavier folks


    I'm building up a bike for a special someone who fits into our category. I love the way a brooks b67 would look on it (making an upright cruiser style bike out of a mixte), but didn't know how their sprung saddles work with heavier riders. I know they make a super heavy duty one (the b33, I think), but was just wondering how well the b67 worked.
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    I'm 225 lbs.

    I have a B17 and a B17 Flyer (Sprung). I prefer the straight B17. The reason is that when you hit a bump the unsprung saddle just has one hit and you can get back into putting the power down. The Sprung saddle has 2 more oscillations before it settles down. Another dislike is that sometimes I like to slide back a little to take pressure off the front of the saddle. When the saddle is sprung the springs compress more causing the angle of the saddle to be more tilted nose up cancelling the benefits of sliding back.

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