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    Good, Bad, and the Fugly Trail Ride

    OK, so this is a good bad day. Good? Lots of friends. Bad? The dangerous muthah disrupting our ride. The Fugly? Dude wearing transparent shorts trying to stay ahead of us while exposing his fugly ass crack! I'm not sure why other riders just won't let you pass them.

    Couple dudes (second part of first video) just minding their own business when we roll upon them from far behind. Get too close and notice the dude in the lighter outfit (white shorts ) is showing some serious ass crack. C'mon man! We can't take it so we continue on around. No biggie but they hop our wheels. So we continue but next thing you know, they are racing to get ahead of us. Hm, maybe they couldn't handle being "chicked" (passed by gals) since I was riding with Gina and Aimee. So they get ahead then later, they fade, we roll by one more time then they hop our wheels again. OK, no problem but if you're trying to prove something, don't fade in front of the gals like a couple of old ladies ha ha!

    But it gets worse. Next rider we pass has music with ear buds. I ringy dingy my bell but he doesn't hear. So I pass at a safe distance to his left but what does he do? He swerves into me as I pass then says sorry. Next thing I know he's on Aimee's wheel. Nope, can't hear, can't ride a straight line, we can't have this dude around us so we drop his arse.

    So when I mention dumb asses on the trail, several posters will say "you should have captured it on video", so today was the day. This will redirect the blog a bit from the nice entertainment bit to the "yes there are dumb asses out there" entertainment factor. But it gets even worse 35 miles into our ride! We see some dude ahead of us before the 405 tunnel type underpass. This is the dude in the first part of the video. We're rolling up on the guy at a good pace into a stiff headwind. I'm preparing for the pass when he starts blowing snot rockets to his right. No big deal, I was far left. But I ring my bell and begin the pass. The dude looks over at me and says," oh sorry, didn't see you there." Like I said, no big deal, I was out of the way. Keep in mind the lanes in this real are wide and I was using the space for a safe pass since I have the gals with me.

    But the dude looking right at me swerves over about 4 feet and nearly bumps me off my bike, WTF! So again he says sorry and I'm thinking I got to get away from this dude. So I continue the pass but he lifts the pace and hugs Aimee's side. Again, WTF! We're just trying to get around safely and he won't let us pass.

    So he interferes with our little system and fuglies the whole set up. So he races off, no biggie, ok you're fast dude, that's why we caught you from behind haha! So he's about 50 yards ahead when we start to gain ground again. By this time, I'm thinking (and saying in the video) that I have to get this guy on video.

    So later down the road, we roll up one more time. OK, now pay close attention to the speed at which we pass the guy in the video. About the same rate we passed him the first time when he refused to let us pass.

    I roll by with the recorder on. I stay far left for quite some time so that we can get around safely. As usual, I look back before moving back to the right to make sure we are clear and WTF! The dope is on our side blocking the pass one more time!

    Holy shister! (THIS IS IN THE VIDEO) I ask the guy, "why don't you let us pass safely?". He says, "well if you are going to pass me you should be riding faster than me". I said we were and that every time we pass him he lifts the pace blocking our pass.

    So the guy makes a few fugly faces and I say,"if you want to go ahead, then go, but you are not a very smart rider." So he puts on a fugly little face and does somewhat of a sprint, a weak sprint to show his awesomeness.

    Well he rolls ahead but after 50 yards Gina says, "go ahead and go, I'll meet you at the beach." Usually doesn't mean much to me to leave Gina a little behind to show some awesomeness of my own but this dude a Beanz took you to school lesson ha ha! As I roll by I shout, "is this better?". I get about 50 yards ahead then sit up, pull out the recorder and start recording the guy for laughs. Just then I see Aimee blowing around the guy as well haha! Aimee is a very strong rider and very humble but after this dude boxed her in twice, I'm sure she was more than happy to had this guy his own ass on a carbon platter ha ha! Aimee would never say that so I had to say it for her he he he!

    Funny thing is the guy knew I was recording him and I think he posted a nasty comment on my youtube channel ha ha! That's cool, we were 35 miles into our ride and even Aimee handed his ass to him ha ha!

    Dang, I missed the "L" in should ha ha!

    Now the good. We rode with Alex2 for a bit near Weir Cyn. Stiff headwind today. Ran into Alyce and herb at the coast with their new puppy. Not to mention they delivered an early Christmas present, a bag of their homegrown lemons. Mmm, these smelt good! Visit with Tony, Ed, Sarah, Peggy, and a few others. Funny though, I rolled by Mark twice but never saw him, Gina did, sorry Mark. Also another dude shouted Beanz but I'm not sure who he was or if we had ever met.

    A little raw ride footage so you can hear the headwinds we deal with on a regular basis.

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