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    So SFGary, how is the planning going?

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    *giggle* I'm too girlie for that ultra-light stuff. I have to have my extra skirts, a dress and a bed roll that's actually comfy.

    As far as budget- I dare anyone to give me 2,500 for a tour. I could tour for two months or more on that. I may be a girlie-girl, but I'm also the Tightwad Gazette of touring. There's a reason I carry an extra bag of gear! We never spend more than 20 dollars per day on a tour except when paying for museum admission. Most of the campsites we go to are 9 to 12 dollars per person per night with a free breakfast in the morning and hot water for showers. 20 dollars per day... hmmm... I could tour for two months on that in Europe.
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