I found a new project and I really want to do this project as super cheaply as possible. I was given a Redline R540 road/hybrid frame and components minus the rims and front fork. The frame is in beautiful shape. I would like to build it back into something rideable.

I am going to sell a beautiful early '90s Fuji mountain bike that I bought from Goodwill and completely brought back to life with redoing the cables, redoing the crank, lube and all adjustments. I figure if I could sell the Fuji for around 80-100 dollars, I would use that money to finance the rebuild of the Redline.

So far I have found a pair of Alex 298 rims for 75 dollars and a complete Giant Option road bike with the 700c rims for 80 dollars. The Alex rims have new skewers. I would not need a new freehub for the Alex rims because it comes with the 8-9-10speed compatible freehub. The Giant Option rims would come with the shorter 7speed freehub so I would have to source another freehub.

What would you do? Buy the Alex rims or buy the Giant Option bike and part it out. I could use the rims and tires off the Giant bike.