Any other clyde's riding a Soma Groove frame? Thinking of going steel, and seems the Soma is the best priced for me, because I can transfer 99% of my components over to it, and I run V-brakes. Will be used on single track and not too technical riding, bike paths, stuff of that nature. $400 is a bit hard to swallow for now, but I might save up for one if other clydes have had no issues. These are a classic XC geometry, so I can use my 80mm fork. Which is good, If I had to buy a new fork, I would go rigid.

I like the surley Troll, but the dropouts are all adjustable and I don't have any desire to deal with that. I want a NEW classic CrMo mountain frame that takes 80mm fork and V-brakes. I won't be jumping off a cliff or anything!

Thanks my fellow Clydes