OK, I finally did it. I went for a ride today just to get the blood flowing and decided to add parts of my street as strava segments. The whole street is actually a pretty healthy climb, but I start in the middle because that's where my house is, and I do the lower part when I return. The easy parts are 5% and the hard parts are 10%, so it's a real live hill. The piece up to my street is short but it's about 24% and I did the part to get OUT of my street today while sitting - for the first time ever. My wife and kids usually walk up it or wipe out trying. Anyway.

So I got peeved that somebody owned the record for my outbound part of the street - 43 mph. I say no. I clicked "flag this ride" and now it's gone but I wonder what happens if you're the recipient of a "flag"?

Another nasty hill near me that kicked my butt hard has a record of over 35 mph... freaking Lance Armstrong couldn't do 30 up that hill, it's annoying.