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    hope this helps someone

    I was having problems keeping seat rails straight for a while, and stripping out the older style seat posts (the kind with one hex screw that has a convex and a concave side, both grooved) and I only weigh 200lbs. now, it probably didn't help that I live in a VERY bumpy/pot holy town, but buying a $60+ seat every few months wasn't my cup of tea.

    I have a lemond victoire, so I figured I would stick with bontrager (plus, I like the components), but I found the new style of retaining the seat with one screw head on each side, squeezing in the seat rails from the sides is far more durable, and I bought a race x lite. (the one with flexible carbon fiber and titanium rails from a couple years ago), and haven't had another problem since. I stuck with the aluminum post, but for a total of $200 I haven't had to spend another dime on seats/posts.

    this proves, spending a lot of money once can save you a lot of money in the future, especially for us heavier riders!!
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