I had a few strange things happen to me this week. Tuesday, I was out for a ride and in the middle of nowhere I hear a voice behind me say "You make a good wind break." I replied "Well that's one thing I'm good for." The guy behind me pulls along side and we start talking and he asks " Are you training for the Tri?" I tell him No. My knees can't handle running long distances. So Friday, I go to a retirement party of an ex co-worker. The bartender is somone I see at the Y but haven't talked to before. So I'm ordering a Diet Coke I ask her "Haven't I seen you at the Y?" She replies, "You're the bike guy. Are you training for the Tri?" Saturday, as CraigB and I are finishing a charity ride a guy says "You guys ride a lot." Can't tell whether it's a question, statement or just general disbelief. I don't remember what I said as I was wondering "Do I really look like someone that rides a lot?" I really don't think so. What I really was thinking about was how easily Craig dropped my ass on that last hill.