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    HED Jet 6 FR Stallion Build strong enough?

    I weigh 205 lbs and thus qualify as a clydesdale.

    My exercise mix consists of 1.6 kms of swimming, three time per week and biking about 50 kms every week.

    Recently, I decided to get serious about biking as part of my cross-exercising and would like to bike 100-150 km per week.

    So, I am considering the HED Jet 6 FR Stallion Build wheelset.

    The wheelset comes with the HED C2 alloy rims with 60 mm carbon fairings, HED Sonic carbon hubs, Sapim CX-Ray spokes, 20 radially laced front wheel spokes and 28 double-crossed rear wheel spokes. The HED site states that the wheelset is for riders up to 225 lbs.

    I intend to use these wheels for 50 mile to century rides, with average speeds of 20-25 mph, on fairly flat surfaces but with somewhat fair road conditions that vary from good to poor.

    My current everyday wheelset is a pair of Prowheelbuilder custom built HED C2 rims, White Industries H2/H3 rims, Sapim CX-Ray spokes, 28 double-crossed laced front wheel spokes and 32 triple-crossed rear wheel spokes.

    So, does anybody else have experience with HED Stallion Build wheelset?

    Do you think a 20/28 spoke wheelset would be strong enough?

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    From what information that I have read, HED rates their wheels conservatively for the amount of weight that they will bare. You are 20 pounds under their weight limit, so you should be fine. The only problem that I hear of with the factory wheel is about the hubs. Since these will not be a everyday wheel, I would think that they would work great for you.

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