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    This guys takes one part of an insanely complicated mess and makes it comprehensible.

    That's a bodybuilder site, you don't have to tell a gym rat that fat lowers T and increases
    estrogen. That's bad for both sexes, but worse for men.

    Oh, ignore his advice on where to get the stuff... for example, the HotRox product he suggests is lousy and overpriced.
    Swanson can get you the bit you'd need at a tiny fraction of the price.

    And any grocery store will have turmeric, it's a spice. Turmeric goes great in scrambled eggs, it works in a lot of dishes. You can get turmeric extracts, but I just put a little in my pills.
    I make up my own pills because the companies haven't caught up. They put way too much in most pills,
    so I blend a bunch.
    this stuff from the protein factory is very strong and has a ton of cyanidin compounds.
    My experience is that you can actually take too much. One tsp a day (not a heaping tsp), and at the rate a bag lasts... halfway to forever.
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