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    Trying to make sense of it all-purchasing a starter bike,maybe Mango Toucan cruiser?

    As you can see, I'm an Athena newbie. I currently own a bike that someone else purchased for me which is uncomfortable for me to ride. I am strictly a recreational rider at this point. I know the advice is to go to a local bike shop to get fit. That being understood, I have seen a bike on Bikes Direct site called the Mango Toucan cruiser. I'm thinking of the 3 speed version at a nice entry level price. Does anyone have any opinions, experience or ideas for someone just getting started or about this bike specifically? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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    What bike do you have now and why is it uncomfortable? pic is also helpful. From that you can maybe get some advice on how to make what you have more comfortable. also knowing what type of riding you want to do now....and in the future.

    The bike doesn't look bad, but with bikes direct you need to make sure you are able or have someone able to do final assembly and check hubs, etc for proper greasing. If you don't you need to budget some bucks to pay the LBS and for tuneups, which changes ther real cost.

    I am not familar with shops on you side of the hill, but if you were looking for bikes you could just come over the the hill and hit The OffRamp, Mikes Bikes, Willow Glen Bikes, Hyland's to name a few and can probably get a very simlar bike for same similar real cost
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