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    Stem length for drop bars vs MTB bar.

    I'm going to try drop bars on my old hybrid. I've got all of the mechanical details worked out and I know what I need to replace but I'm trying to figure out stem length. Right now I've got a rise bar on the bike with an equivalent stem length of 11.5 cm. Do people generally go shorter, longer or the same in regards to stem length for drop bars?
    Currently riding a custom built 1x9 Surly Karate Monkey. Dreaming of a 26" wheel build, either an 80's MTB or a Surly LHT.

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    I left the original stem on, in order to test it once I had the drop bars installed.

    I ended up going 10 mm shorter and 2 degrees higher afterwards.

    Thinking now of putting the original longer, lower stem back on, actually, as I've become accustomed to this position and the drop bars.

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