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    Need Some Advice on a Schwinn OR-2

    I recently purchased a Schwinn OR-2 from target.
    I weigh 330lbs and so I was looking for a bike that fast, light, and would support me. My wife gave me a $250-300 limit for a new hybrid so my options were a little limited. I choose the OR-2 because it has a weight limit of 300lbs, felt good for my 6 foot frame, had the double wall rims, and seemed like a good deal. I've been riding it for about two weeks now and really enjoy the bike but i'm a little worried that at 330lbs and a weight limit of 300lbs on the bike that I might not have made a good decision. I'm concerned that I might break the bike with my weight even though I'm only 30lbs over the weight limit. I know these big box store bikes aren't always built to last and honestly I don't expect it to last me more than a year; after that time I should be down to 275-250 and can get a decent bike.
    I guess I'm concerned that my weight might cause the frame or rims to fail and might cause a me to crash. I was wondering if any of you have an opinion on this bike at my weight or maybe you can tell me I'm crazy for worrying.
    Btw I don't ride off road, streets only so it's not like I'm riding this over rough terrain.

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    Others can probably weigh in with more knowledge on this but:

    1. Congrats on the new bike! Keep us posted on your rides and progress!
    2. My guess is the bike can support the weight fine....lawyers set lower limits than it can actually handle
    3. Wheels may be only issue but I'm not knowledgeable on that

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