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    Specialized Hardrock Disc 26

    Really glad I found this sub-forum, there's a lot of useful information here.

    I decided to start losing weight a couple of months ago and walking/jogging has so far proven very boring. So I've decided to get a bike.

    The problem is; last time I rode a bike I was 30kgs (60lbs) lighter.

    So I was basically wondering if this bike:

    Can put up with the pounding my body will give it. I'm a touch shy of 6'4'' and I weight about 150kg (330lb).

    Keep in mind I live in Australia, so my selection of bikes is much more limited than say, someone in America. Much more expensive too.


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    what type of riding do you plan on doing? and what frame size Hardrock?
    2011 GT Avalanche 1.0 Hyd Disc ~ 2008 GT Avalanche 1.0 Hyd Disc ~ 1997 GT Ricochet ~ 1993 Lotus Pro Series 3000M

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