I normally wouldn't go posting anything that looks like an ad for a business but it's so darn hard to find shoes in my size that I'm extremely excited about a recent purchase. (A little bit of this is me tooting my own horn at my awesome deal.)

I found that R&A Cycles in NY has some large sizes of shoes on their website for VERY good prices. For example, I bought a pair of size 51 2007 Sidi Dominator 5 Lorica's for $105. They arrived today and they're absolutely like new. R&A still has size 52 in the same model.

There's some Genius 5's in various big sizes for $125.

Anyways, shipping was extremely fast, shoes were exactly what I hoped they'd be (better than I expected really), and they have the big sizes that a bunch of us clydes need. Check them out.