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    How are we doing with Weight Watchers?

    How are the Weight Watcher people doing on their plans? I'm almost 11 months in, have lost about 45 pounds at slightly less than 1 pound per week although I'm experiencing a little bit of a plateau here during the Holiday season. I'm 20 to 21 pounds short of goal weight and think I can make it be the beginning of April, so thumbs up here. Anybody else?
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    Hey Tractorlegs,
    I'm still workin the plan... although I've been very loose with tracking for the last 6 months. So much so that I've been playin with the same 5-10 lbs since April! I've maintained this summer and fall. I'm still down 150 lbs since starting in Oct of 2010. I rode quite a bit over the summer, but my eating just wasn't where it should be. Now, my eating is a bit more under control, but I'm not riding because of the darkness, weather, time change, etc.... (insert the usual excuses!) I actually just decided while typing this to get the trainer out and sweat a little this evening! WOOT!
    I'm still somewhere around 80lbs from goal, but that doesn't phase me... All I have to do is look where i was when i started! I may get down there, I may not. The important thing is I'm now conscious of the decisions I make about what goes in my body and about the activity i get!
    Best of luck to you on your journey! It sounds like you've got this!


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