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    Tractorlegs vs. Christmas Leftovers

    The Christmas leftovers did not stand a chance - Although they were calling my name (Trac! Trac!) I took the Black Knight bike over to Ascarate Park and rode loops. Ascarate is a large-ish city park with a wonderful 2-mile long loop that is ideal for cyclists, and I love to take the bike there and ride the loop until I'm so dizzy I can barely stand Today I rode until about 5:30 pm, which is when the faaaaast road guys come and form a "peloton" (I call it a "herd") and whiz around the park road so fast you can barely see them. Once I tried to keep up with those guys - I latched on to their wheels and tried to catch their draft - and was able to keep them in sight for several feet. I think for every lap I do at Ascarate they do three. Or four. Finally I stopped and leaned the bike against the wall and just watched them blast by. Christmas leftovers, long forgotten, still sitting at home - 20 miles at Ascarate under my belt. Boom!!

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    I'm fighting a rear guard action against the holiday leftovers myself. I've not been able to crank out 20 miles at any one time though. 6 inches of sand-like, churned snow on the roads slows me down, so I've been settling for about 8 miles of high cadence, slow speed exhaustion. Add in about only 4 hours of good daylight to ride in. The joys of Sweden!

    Come on late spring/early summer! I want those 19 hour days! I've got new wheels I want to rack up the miles with!

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