I just finished a new bike for me. I got a mid '80s gold Trek 520 frame with a complete modern 9 speed Shimano 105 groupset including the 9 speed integrated STI brake/shifter levers. I also found in the goldmine of parts from this lady a matching set of wheels that might have been on this bike. They are nice 105 hubs with 32 spoke front and 36 spoke rear Campy Munchen 72 rims. The wheels are beautiful.

I rode the bike today after finishing it and loved it. So comfortable and I felt at home on the touring frame geometry.

The kicker is that I am a 350+ clyde and I am concerned that I might ruin these wheels. Would you suggest using another set for the bike or should they be strong enough for my conservative riding habits? I don't hit potholes, curbs, debris. I only ride on pavement or once in a great while, a tiny bit of smooth gravel. I lift out of my seat for problem areas.

I just like the idea of riding on nice wheels but if you think that I should put one of my spare sets in place, I will do that. I have say a set of deep v Matrix rims on 105 hubs. They don't match the vintage look of the bike but should be strong.

What would you do?