First ride on the Podium 2! 9.44 miles in 44 minutes. I now HURT. There was a headwind of about 20mph or so on the way out, soon as I turned off my road it was not so bad. Then, to come back home, again I was in a headwind and it wiped what little I had out in the half mile to my house. To say I am tired right now is an understatement...and I have to work at 3pm (12:40pm right now)

The Podium is GREAT! WAY better ride than my previously owned Sirrus. Smooth, fast, and the 10spd shifting is flawless, and each gear change is just right instead of skipping too many teeth and leaving me spinning too fast or too slow. Although I am too out of shape to compare to the Allez I had years ago quite yet, I think its going to blow even that bike away!

Tomorrow is going to be an off day, to recover! And Wed my car has to go in for tire rotate and balance. Thur looks like its gonna be 70, I'll get out! Gotta ease back into this...

Now I need to slide the saddle forward and up a little, get it just right