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    anyone riding to the Tour of California stage routes?

    The big race starts this sunday in my home town of Escondido. Tough being on mothers day but I plan to escape for a few hours and hit up Palomar Mt and wait for them some where on the mt. Last time they were in San Diego, we were up in the snow at the KOM point, I think I'd like to watch them on the downhill of South Grade. There are a few tricky corners, double radius types hairpins that should show well in photos.

    I'll be parking at Harrah's casino then ride up from there. Unless I can convince the wife to go and we can picnic all day on the mt while I ride the mt. The mt will be closed to motor vehicles some time in the late morning. This also means you can climb the mt without ANY worry of motorcycles and crazy drivers. If you want to park up there, get there early!!

    The race starts at 11:15, with them hitting Palomar at mile 50 then start their 13mile to the top. The should be on the MT no later then 1:30.

    Here's the race route, its opposite direction of what some of the Bike Forums peps call the "Pie ride" cuz there is pie at the 50mile point
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    After several years of having ridden out to somewhere on the route and wait for the pros to pass, this time I'm going to do the "hybrid" thing. The start of stage 3 in Palmdale is only about 2 miles from the house. I'd like to go hang around the start to soak in that experience and excitement. Then, because of the circular route, I can head out and park myself on the route and wait for them to come by on the second loop before finishing in Valencia. It's always a good show, but when I'm on the route, even on a climb, they pass oh so quickly.
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