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    Sugar-Cause, Effect, or Sub-Conscience

    For the majority of the last 20 years, my morning caffeine has come in the form of giant soda drinks, 52 or 64 ounces of sugary goodness to get me going. My wife finally broke me of that and got me switched to coffee, 2 cups with 2 mounded tablespoons of sugar. Over the last year, I worked it down to 2 rounded teaspoons, then 1 level teaspoon. One level teaspoon wasn't enough, so I went back to 2-for a while. Last week, I decided to cut out sugar in the coffee completely, and I can do it, but I don't enjoy it.

    Looking back at the crap I ate last week, it was bad. Ice cream for dinner (not ice cream with dinner, ice cream was dinner), fast food for lunch, 200 or 300 calories over every day, and I was starving, looking for anything not nailed down, whereas I am usually under most days.

    So, was the lack of sugar in the morning causing me to be hungry? Was it a moment of addiction, my body looking for another drug to ingest? Or was it my sub conscience having it's way with me (you didn't have sugar this morning, so eat those donuts now)? I did lose a pound or two last week in spite of eating the village to the ground, so I'm still calling it a win.
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    I have found that an L-Glutamine supplement will help curb sugar cravings. It may be more psychological than physiological, but it works for me.

    If you're starving over the course of a day, try drinking water mixed with a little orange juice. About a 1:8 ratio or thereabouts. If you feel like you *need* a snack or something, find something with good protein in it and eat it super slow. Take 20 mins or so to eat 5 peanut butter crackers, or 5 small cubes of beef jerky.

    Keep your blood sugar level stable and give your body time to adapt to having to actually burn fat instead of just using empty calories.

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