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    Knee pain success - First Ride In 57 DAYS 05/28/13

    06/15/2013 - Update - First ride without pain or guarding - After my first ride I had to back of on my distance limiting my ride to 12 miles max and a two day break in between - After two weeks I had less guarding after the ride so now bumped up to 14 miles every other day - Feels good to be back in the saddle...

    Easter went out for a short 14 mile ride - A section of 23 that I ride every other day weather permitting - Next day KNEE PIAN - I could and have not recalled any type injury or contusion other than a severe cramp that night - I had no effusion, swelling, bruising or any indicator other than point tenderness at my medial tibial plain - Being a PA-C that deals with ortho injuries I tried very much to stay calm - The hardest thing being quelling that stubborn urge to ride before the pain subsided - X-Ray negative - MRI only positive for a contusion at the medial femoral meniscal plains - Three weeks latter no improvement so Depomedrol injection - No effect - Most of my pain was at rest but with my 30 years ortho experience I persevered - Ice packs, massage, stretching - and trying to think good thoughts - Finally last week I was able to walk without guarding - And yesterday a short ride of 6 miles - Today no additional pain - I think its getting better.... FINALLY...

    After discussing my progression with a few medical professional bike riders we have all come to the provision diagnosis of injury to the Anserine Bursa - Surprisingly this is a common injury for older cyclists....

    I am only posting this here because You'se guys would understand my happiness...
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    Congrats on the progress! I can attest to knee pain but shockingly for me it is much less painful when I am on the bike daily....I stopped riding in March and it has gotten worse. You pump me up to make a big effort again! Keep it up Zandoval!
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