So many new members - instead of posting on all the separate threads just wanted to say "Hey" to all the new members to the C & A forum. This is a very friendly, very encouraging group of riders (and others) but like any close knit tight family at times there are disagreements. But afterwards its all kiss kiss hug hug and over and done.

So I get summer is almost here and everyone is getting outdoors. Riding a bike is a great way to exercise. As I get older, and my knees and hips get creakier, I still can ride without much complaint. I love the sport, I love what the sport can do for me and I love who I have met through the sport.

So all you summertime new people - your goal is to post something in the fall... in otherwords, not fade away and give up but keep trying and stick with us. This is the place to post accomlishment and disappointments. We all have them. Celebrate the good and profound and move on and forgot the bad.

Anyway welcome - don't forget to post pics!