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Clydesdales/Athenas (200+ lb / 91+ kg) Looking to lose that spare tire? Ideal weight 200+? Frustrated being a large cyclist in a sport geared for the ultra-light? Learn about the bikes and parts that can take the abuse of a heavier cyclist, how to keep your body going while losing the weight, and get support from others who've been successful.

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Trek Pure?

I have looked at the Trek Pure, I am 6', and 300 lbs. I was wondering if anyone has any experience with this bike, and how they like it. It seems very comfortable for me, but not sure for any length of time.

It has the style where the pedals are a little forward, and you sit back a little more than the conventional style. Just looking for the flat Canal, and Bike trails with this bike.

Thanks to any who answer...
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When I started I was 5'7" and 252 or a BMI of 39.5 very close to your 6' & 300. I bought a $100 cruiser with a big fat seat. After about 100 miles on that thing I bought a road bike and haven't looked back. As you've mentioned the issue is comfort once you start riding over about 8 miles at a time. If you're committed to doing this I'd recommend considering at a CX, Hybrid, or Road bike. Seems like another good option is an older Mountain bike to get started with. At 300, you might have to be careful with what wheels you get. There's tons of threads here and folks that know what you need wheel wise.

Good luck with your decision and please post pics when you get a bike. Oh, welcome to BF!
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I started in May at 370lbs. I bought a Specialized Expedition Sport (similar to Pure) and rode it 200+ miles before i figured out I wanted more bike. So I went and got a Trek FX 7.2 and I am much happier with it. I couldn't sell the Specialized and ended up having to trade it in on another Trek DS 8.3 to get something I'd like to ride.

If you are the type of person that once you start an exercise, you like to push and see how far you can go, I wouldn't suggest a comfort cruiser. On the other hand, if you are absolutely sure you want to go slowly around the neighborhood in comfort without the urge to go faster, then its a good bike.
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Are you looking at the Pure because you want that style of bike? Or do you think at your size that might be the only bike that can handle you? I got my Cannodnale CAAD8 at 315 pounds. It held me fine.

Don't think just because you weigh 300 pounds that a road bike won't hold you.
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Uhh........a Trek Pure is NOT a $100 cruiser with a big seat.........a Trek Pure is NOT a Specialized Expedition Sport.......a Trek Pure is NOT even a bike that you must ride slowly around the neighborhood.

I have nine bikes in addition to my Trek Pure and enjoy riding them all (even two road bikes). However, if forced to retain only one bike in my stable it would definitely be the Pure. Agreed, it is not the fastest but it is the most comfortable and relaxing ride that I have experienced in a 71 year lifespan.
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I know a couple of people who ride crank forward/ "flat foot" bikes. They really like them. They can be a bit more difficult to power up hills as many CF bikes are not conducive to standing up and pedaling. Also, it would be harder to use your legs as shock absorbers going over bumps. They won't be especially aerodynamic. But I sure wouldn't mind having one.
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Hmm, they look pretty similar

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Actually, this is my 2013 Trek Pure (purchased in early spring from my local LBS in Winona, IN) and I presume it is the same model that skyfire was interested in. Please note the position of the crank in relation to the saddle when compared to the Specialized..........not even close.
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yup it's treks attempt at knocking off the electra townie... it's the flatfoot "pedal forward" technology
you'll notice that treks newer version has a curve in the seat tube at the bottom to get around electras patent of having the BB in front of the seat tube even...

that being said... my wife has one (electra townie... came in orange and they just did a great job on making the bike look good)... she's got some back issues and it's the only bike she can spend any time on (well we didn't try a recumbent)

it's a very "sit up and beg" position, you aren't going to stand up on the pedals... but for riding around the neighborhood with my kids I'll steal it as I love riding it ... i'd buy one if I could fit another bike into my garage and budget.

I'm sure you could make it work as a fitness bike but I much prefer a less kicked back bike for longer, more aggressive rides.
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I have a Townie, which is pretty similiar to the Trek Pure...I actually didn't care which bike I got, the Townie, Pure or Giant Suede, but the Townie was in stock and in the color I wanted when I had the money saved up to buy it, so that's which one I got.

It's a very comfortable ride on flat ground. It's not as fast as other bikes, something about the crank-forward design doesn't give your legs as much leverage as a bike with more traditional geometry. My daughter can stand up on it going up the hills but I can't. When she rides her Townie, I can keep up with her, but when she rides her mountain bike, I have to struggle to keep up.

The reason I wanted a bike with a crank-forward design is that I broke my leg really badly a few years back and I have a bunch of metal in there. My foot is not as flexible as it used to be (can't wear heels, for example) and most bikes only feel like the seat is the right height for me if I can only get a toe or two to touch the ground. The flat-foot design makes it feel more secure and less like I'm going to put a foot down wrong when I stop and end up busting the hardware out of my leg.
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