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Clydesdales/Athenas (200+ lb / 91+ kg) Looking to lose that spare tire? Ideal weight 200+? Frustrated being a large cyclist in a sport geared for the ultra-light? Learn about the bikes and parts that can take the abuse of a heavier cyclist, how to keep your body going while losing the weight, and get support from others who've been successful.

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College football season

Was talking to a friend of mine about football season starting very soon, and it made me have a terrible thought. What am I goint to eat on Saturdays this fall? I know it sounds funny at first, but when I got to thinking about it everything that I enjoy eating while whatching the game is off my menu now. A typical Saturday use to be; plop down on the couch at about 10am when gameday came on and eat pizza, beer, wing, beer, doritos, beer, brats, beer and on and on until aroung midnight when the last game went off. The only time I move was to get more food, beer, or bathroom breaks.
With the season starting up at the end of the month I know I am going to have some serious withdraws from some of this stuff. Have any of you had to face this and if so how did you keep from un-doing your whole week's worth of hard work in one day?
May just have to get a trainer and "ride" all day while I watch, should have a 1000 mile month like that
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I am an avid football fan and I live in a college town that turns into the 3rd largest city in PA on home game weekends. I don't sit around and watch football all day like you but may take in several games over the course of the weekend. The thing to do is to exercise as much as possible during the week. Also, get up and go for a ride/run/walk early Saturday and Sunday mornings. I sometimes get up at the crack of dawn and ride when traffic on the roads is almost non-existent(don't worry about not being able to stay up for the let games, one can usually fit in a nap during some of the more boring games during the day). Burning alot of calories in the morning helps you burn them all day long. I then can usually eat/drink what I want within reason while enjoying a weekend of football without having any weight gain.
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I have been using my google-fu and have found a few recipes for healthier snacks that should help. I think I will be fine cutting out the beer I really don't like to drink around my son, and I know he isn't going to let me sit still all day this year. That's cool though, he is one of the main reason I am trying to getting back in shape. I had a tough time this weekend where all I wanted to do was eat junk food, I didn't let myself, but it did make me worry if I'm going to be able to be disciplined all season long.
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Bill Kapaun
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A few years ago, I weaned myself off of Doritos to plain chips & salsa.
Not perfect, but an improvement.
Started "stretching" the salsa by getting the hottest version and adding a can of diced tomatoes, small can of tomato sauce and whatever herbs/spices I had in the cupboard that seemed appropriate.
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For game day, make a couple of big bowls of cut/prepared fruits & veggies. I like baby carrots and strawberries best myself. When you get the snack urge, pop a few of them instead of chips or other unhealthy snacky-type stuff. Even if you don't do a complete substitution, it is bound to help out. Plus, some of those fruits and veggies are pretty dang good themselves. Have a great football season!
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You will find that kids cut into your CFB watching in a big, big way. I used to do what you do (minus the non-stop eating!)... I'd get up at 7 am for gameday and sit tight until the last Hawaii game or whatever. Now my kids have soccer games that cut into my day in a big way, and I generally like to get in a bike ride early on a Saturday too, if the soccer schedule allows for it.

You have to make choices!
"No self-respecting man rides 70 miles and has salad at a pizza joint!" - PhotoJoe
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I go to all the home games here and am a proud alum of the local university. I like to ride my bike to the tailgates! It's about 8 miles each direction. There are people from the tailgate I frequent that don't go to the game so they keep an eye on my bike, granted I do lock it up. And I take my junkiest bike, an 80s Nishiki. I have bright lights and wear reflective gear, plus I use a route with not much traffic.

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I dealt with this issue last year, and will be this year also. It helps me to, first, control the environment. If I don't buy it, I don't eat it. And I find snacking on fruits and vegetables to be just least good enough to knock the cravings down. It's even more difficult if I go watch the game at a sports bar...with everyone drinking and eating junk...but eating a salad and drinking iced tea (or light beer) isn't bad at all.

What's interesting is I get season tickets every year, and when I attend live games I don't eat anything. I don't crave anything. I typically just drink lots of water, and have a fabulous time. Football season is just as enjoyable without all the junk-food, it just takes more effort. Once in a while, I give in and just have what I want. But I don't get too down about that...just move on.
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Football, birthdays, holidays, 3 day weekends are all great for having a years worth of "cheat meals" in one day/weekend. Hang in there bro! #BeastMode ! I try not to have more than 3 beers in one day, all drinks besides water are cut out. Get a trainer and ride while you watch if you insist on watching 3 hour games.

^ When i attend live games i also don't buy anything (from the sticker shock)
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Geaux tigers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Originally Posted by dahoss2002 View Post
Geaux tigers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I manage the following week to work off the extra weight gained while cheering the ALABAMA CRIMSON TIDE on to victory!
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