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    Archeologists Find Ancient Weight

    Vandalia, Ohio, August 7 – A team of archeologists have unearthed 229lbs on the site commonly called “Michael Henry” today. It was thought that this weight was lost forever as multiple previous attempts to find it over the last 15 years have failed.

    According to Dr. Whalestein “In years past as we would go from the 270lbs layer to the 260layer and get close to the 250lbs layer we would get swept away by bad habits and an overly-chaotic schedule and before we knew it our previous efforts were covered back up. So sad.”

    Additionally it was noted that this was a yearly occurrence, each time different and sometimes new layers would exist and varying levels of progress would occur. Dr. Whalestein said “At times we were so frustrated that we didn’t even want to try, but we know that if we did not remove a few layers then the next season it would be even worse.”

    When asked why this season has been so successful Dr. Whalestein made sure it was known what challenges were faced. “This season it was the worst. The 280lbs layer had swept in and was well on the way to the next layer. When sent to the lab it was revealed that we were exactly at 284lbs. I was devastated. How could it be that bad?”

    So what WAS the reason for the success? Dr. Whalestein excitedly told us. “Tools! The tools were the difference! We were able to get the nutrition right using the AdvoCare tools!”


    “Previously here at Michael Henry exercise was used to get through the layers.” said Dr. Whalestein. “Each season progress would be made but when the time to use exercise went away progress stopped, and the layers came back. The difference is the nutritional tools!”

    It was obvious Dr. Whalestein was excited. I didn’t even have to ask any more questions, he just went on without prompting “Oh yeah, when the AdvoCare nutritional tools added in we say progress like never before! In the first 24 days alone such amazing results happened that we started to believe that there would be no end to the season and that layers would not come back on! When our belief went through the roof we just kept on, getting rid of layer after layer. 280lbs layer went away quickly and 270lbs disappeared VERY soon after. From there we continued with the AdvoCare nutritional tools and using the MNS and Catalyst it has been a steady reveal, with the 260lbs, 250lbs and 240lbs layers following suit. The 230lbs layer took a bit longer as this phenomenon called ‘fastpitch softball season’ came upon us but even with that we were able to progress! Even then! Happy days!”

    When asked how it felt to finally get rid of the 230lbs layer the good doctor said “I danced. We ALL danced.”

    So what now? Dr. Whalestein answered immediately “We continue removing layers. No question.”

    How many layers to remove? Dr. Whalestein grew thoughtful when asked “When we were at the 284lb layer we thought the end was the 220lb layer. Along the way we keep reevaluating and we think that 210lbs is the new goal but we won’t know until we get closer.”

    So what happened to the exercise tool? Outdated? Thrown off to the side? We posed that to Dr. Whalestein and he immediately and loudly said “Outdated? NO! We have come to realize that as far as removing layers that the AdvoCare nutritional tools are crucial, but exercise is a VERY important component. We have noticed that back when we were starting the removal that exercise disturbed the site. We used it infrequently, maybe once or twice a week at most. However as we revealed the layers exercise became much easier so we used it three times a week here and there, but usually only two times. Once we got into the 230lbs layer were able to introduce ‘jogging’ with no pain to the site. I’d have to consult the archives to know when that last occurred. So really exercise is going to become a more important component and will accelerate the layer removal but to date it has been about 20% of the reason for our success and the AdvoCare nutritional toolset and the sites own determination that is responsible for the other 80%. We look forward to continuing onward!”

    There you have it. The process continues. Stay tuned for more updates!

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    Congrats, and very creative.

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