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Clydesdales/Athenas (200+ lb / 91+ kg) Looking to lose that spare tire? Ideal weight 200+? Frustrated being a large cyclist in a sport geared for the ultra-light? Learn about the bikes and parts that can take the abuse of a heavier cyclist, how to keep your body going while losing the weight, and get support from others who've been successful.

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Helmet recommendations for a big guy.

I have bicycled on and off for awhile, never wore a helmet. Now I am considering picking one up mostly because of the speeds I attain on my new road bike, my current size 330lbs, and the thought of losing control at a high rate of speed scares the doody out of me. I have hit my head skateboarding a couple of times going pretty fast, but not at this weight, or this fast. I realize my thinking has been flawed, so I am surrendering, and want a helmet. Is my size something to consider when picking out a helmet? Recommendations please.
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I started with a cheap $15 walmart Bell or schwinn and it saved my noggin when i fell and busted my a$$....Now i got a Nishiki from Dick's sporting goods and works good with is a universal size....Best advice i can give you is GET ONE.....
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I've got a pretty big head compared to pretty much everyone I've ever met (~26" around), and this: fit both my noggin and my wallet really well. I bought the large.

EDIT: Just noticed they only have small, but you should be able to measure the circumference of you head and match a size that way.
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I got a pretty big noggin, so yeah probably a big size. I gotta go try some on I guess. I was really wondering more if there were helmets made for harder impacts, due to the laws of physics, I can see myself gaining more inirtia in a bad spill than say a smaller guy. Well maybe that's not accurate. I am just not as nimble as I used to be. I got hit by a Ford F-350 and was able to control my fall, but that is when I was closer to 200lbs, but maybe i was just lucky it worked out that way. See that flawed thinking coming out again. So really just looking for a good solid road helmet with good impact test results I guess.

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I love mine it is by Giro, I will have to look up the model. I have a big head as well, and it fits perfect!

*found it*
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I too like the Giro line. I currently have an Atmos.

Go to your lbs and try some on.
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Originally Posted by Cychologist View Post
I too like the Giro line. I currently have an Atmos.

Go to your lbs and try some on.
This is excellent advice. Everyone has a different shape noggin. If the helmet ain't comfy, you ain't gonna wear it. Giro does NOT fit my head where Bell fits it perfectly. Go try them on until you find one that you like.
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My fitted hat size if I recall correctly, is 7-7/8", I have a Specialized Max. It is plenty big enough and has the micro adjust dial in the back to form fit so to speak. It is comfy and cool on my melon and it also looks good. I left the visor on to keep sun glare out of my eyes and rain and mist off my glasses. They sell for right round $40.00.

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I wear a size 7 and 5/8 to 8 hat and have found great comfort in the Giro Monza (about $35 at Performance Bike).
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Love my Giro Xar and I gots a big ol dome too. I barely notice its on my head most times.
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I have a large noggin' as well, and fit great into a Bell Volt... But to reiterate, you really should go try them on.
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Just go to a sporting goods store and try some on ... the main thing that makes helmets more expensive is weight, ventilation & the strap/attachment system. They all conform to the same safety standards.

Find one that fits, is fancy enough for your taste and is within your budget and off you go.
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Don't go to a store, try on a few and assume the size will translate to another make and model. E.g., An XL Giro helmet might be smaller than an XL Bell helmet. Also, they don't all fit the same even across the same size. For example, one make might better fit people with large crowned heads while others may better fit people with flatter heads.
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Specialized MAX is another one to try, fits my 62cm oval head nicely. Definitely want to try them out first, if they fit right they just set down and disappear on your head. I forget mine is on until I finally stop and cool down. Each head has a different shape so Bell XLV or Specialized Max..depends on you for fit.
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Bell XLV - highest rated by CPSC
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It dosn't matter what helmet you buy. As long as it says Specialized on it. Spesh is the only company to submit to the tougher SNELL testing. All other companys don't. It is worth the peace of mind knowing you have the safest lid you can buy on. I'm not knocking other brands. But to me the SNELL rating is a must. I use the Align (?) cheapest one they offer. It's not bad. I'll pick up a better one this winter. The cooling could be a little better.

Mark Shuman
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