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Thanks for all the input. I'm trying not to talk about it as much in front of her and try to go on rides earlier before she wakes up. Although this morning I got up at 6 to ride and there she comes walking in the front door from going to the yMCA lol. But anyways, I've let her tail me a few times so she can see my route and she is getting better. With those of you saying to move out ASAP, it's not really an option for me. I live with my mom and brother but also with my grandparents. We live with them to take care of my grandpa who has liver failure and is mentally unstable and can't be left alone. So someone always has to be at the house to watch him and it's usually me ever since I got laid off from my job. An money is uber tight. So I just try to ride as much as I can and hard as I can while going to school and dealing with everything else.
I hear ya Cody.
Go back and read BigFred's post. Zip your mouth, ride the bike, lose the fat. Then listen to the kind of comments she has.