So a good friend of mine, who is already skinny as a rail, was wanting to lean out and get more cut, he did some research on diets based on what he got back in a genetic weight loss test (he is a carb limiter, as am I) and found something called the Daniel Fast/Diet. He lost 15 lbs in 21 days and says he feels better, has more energy, and notices he recovers faster after working out or playing football or whatever. I have a pesky 20 lbs I need to shag, and want to, but my current eating plan isn't cutting it; even having changed caloric intake (lower and higher) I fluctuate between 220-225 and have been since July/August of this year.

Quick overview, it is based on a fast/diet that the Daniel of the Bible (guy who slept in a lion's den) did because he refused to eat food that was given up as offerings to the pagan gods of the Babylonians when led by Nebuchadnezzar. Basically it is a diet strictly of veggies, fruits, whole grains, and water. No meat, no caffeine, no added sugars, no preservatives and so on.

Now I would slightly alter that, still supplement with a whey isolate protein but basically follow the fast/diet for a few days. Has anyone ever done a diet like this? What are your thoughts? Results? Worth it?

Side tangent - As a believer there is a definite spiritual aspect of this that I feel led to pursue having found out about it. I used to do full 24 hour fasts of only water but that never did me any good as I was so hungry I was angry at everyone around me. Kind of pointless if the point is to draw closer to God but I was a raging jerk. This would keep me full, force me to eat more veggies, but also allow me to break my flesh of the control it has over my diet and physique. Also allowing me to really focus on somethings I need to spiritually, so there is a benefit there as well.