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    The Magic of the Ride

    I'm still in a decent amount of pain from my crash 3 weeks ago. Got into it with the significant other today, it's ~60 Fahrenheit outside, I'm recovering from a nasty cold, etc. Lots of things going on. I've been sitting on my couch all day staring at my bike. It's been calling me. I finally said screw it, put my shoes on, started Strava up, clipped in and went.

    Pure magic. I just went down roads I've never gone down before. New smells, new sights... I had my first "clipless fall" and I have a pretty decent little chainring tattoo, but I still loved it. Can't wait until tomorrow so I can do it again.

    Sometimes, no matter what's going on in life, it's nice to know the bike is there. Oh, and I got to try out my new Pearl Izumi bib shorts (very comfy). Happy riding all
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    those types of rides are some of my fav and have been since I was a little kid living in Germany (we're talking 5 or 6 y/o here lol... "hmm I wonder where this one goes"... I still can remember one awesome ride like that in the middle of summer I think (right before or during my Sr year), first ride I ever took a cell phone (moms, back in the late 90's when you didn't actually use them unless it was an emergency lol) or map with me... when I got home that day I was sore and soaked forever in the tub... but when I figured out how far I'd ridden (using string and the map key lol) it was somewhere along the lines of 60-80 miles (super accurate right? lol)

    I think I over analize my routes now thanks to google maps/earth and mapmyride... maybe tomorrow will be a "just wing it ride"

    thanks for the reminder for a walk down memory lane
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