I'd never give up my country living but I have to say, just a little hint of jealousy from yesterday of you city/town folks popped up. I had a bit of time after I rode my trail before I had to get home for Wifey to go to work yesterday so I passed by my car and headed over the other side of "town" to see if the trail that direction was accessible. Now I put "town" in quotes because towns around me are just maybe half mile long at most. But, I cruised through on the road and it was pretty darn cool.

I don't have that opportunity from my house as it would either be nothing but up and down steep hills on roads that cars have 1/8 mile visibility range to see you (meaning as I am going around a bend, they are coming out of the previous bend at 50+ mph and don't know I'm there in the next one riding 3 mph) or it would be on a main state road with no shoulder where traffic can range any where from the slowpoke idiots doing 45, the normal folks who are between 55 and 70, and the kids who can be doing up to 100+, again with a lot of hills.

So, just a touch of jealously happened yesterday as I passed by Dollar General, the gas station, and the grocery store on my way through to see if there is a trail that can take me the opposite way to the next town. Indeed there was a trail and I rode partway into the woods to make sure. It's not paved like the other side I ride daily, but it is a nice wide 2 track dirt lane that will take me about 4 miles to the next town along the river.

I rode the road along the river past the stores stated, went up and checked out the path, then went back up on the main throughway past the volunteer fire house. Got to stop at a stop sign and cross through the intersection as if I was in the car. Pretty cool. I wish I could get out on the roads like that and have more than a half mile ride.