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    Quote Originally Posted by arex View Post
    I've rebounded to 320, and feels like it.
    Im somewhere in that are myself. It wasn't a rebound though, 2013 just sucked and I'm glad it is over.

    edit - weighed in tonight, I've lost 15 since going back to work even though I haven't been riding nearly as much.
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    Quote Originally Posted by snowman40
    If you must speed up to pass me, you don't deserve to pass me
    Quote Originally Posted by abstractform20 View Post
    farts are greatly appreciated as long as the other riders are talented and experienced. at the precise moment of release, a vacuum is formed. this is the optimal time for the rider behind you to get as aero as possible and "ride the brown rhino". his face should be within 2-3mm of the anus to receive maximum benefit (reduced drag...duh, its in a vacuum). i have hit speeds of over 53mph in such conditions.

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