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    At least I managed to break 100 again!

    5-3: 25.7
    5-8: 4.5 - got dropped on a "no drop" ride, then slung my chain doing 25mph+ trying to catch up...
    5-10: 3.7 - flat. On the bright side, I had a nice 2.3mi run to get home.
    5-10: Purchased 2 tubes, repair kit, bike pump... lol!
    5-17: 12.0 - immediately preceded by a .25mi swim and followed by a 3.1mi disaster... err... run.
    5-24: 3.4 - yet another flat, and I left my tire removal tools at home *facepalm*
    5-25: 18.4 - first time on Shelby Farms Greenway, nice!
    5-29: 14.1 - MHBC Urban Legends ride... solo due to inclement weather
    5-31: 40.0 - Tour de Cure Memphis 40mi route - it was a bit longer than 40, but I screwed up on Strava
    MTD: 121.8/100+
    As of 5/1 - Swim: 22,900yd Bike: 514.4mi Walk/Run: 30.78mi Weight 250 :(
    1st Race 2015: Memphis in May Sprint - 5/16 - Millington, TN

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    Finished with 375. Not sure I will aim for 400 June as out of town for work for two weeks.

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    Finished out the month with a 16 mile and 2k of climbing workout on my mountain bike at one of our regional parks.

    Mileage for May ended at 590.

    Pretty excited this morning. I have a tent trailer in the garage that I haven't used for years. It's in great condition, but maybe, one a good day, worth $1,500. Just cut a deal on a great trade. Swapped the tent trailer for a fully beautifully restored 1972 Triumph 250 motorcycle. Added bonus is getting rid of the tent trailer also makes room to organize a place for my growing fleet of two-wheelers.

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    Quote Originally Posted by downtube42 View Post
    5/25 0
    5/26 0
    5/27 5
    5/28 30
    5/29 3

    638 MTD
    62 to go. Dang I'm close. I fly out of town tomorrow immediately after work, with little prospect for riding Saturday. I suppose if I go ride 35 right now, then 15 before work, then 12 at lunch I could get there. Crap, I have a lunch meeting. Nope, not gonna get there. Guess I'll go have a beer.
    5/29 5 more riding downtown for a beverage
    5/30 5
    5/31 0 - planes and automobiles only

    648 total for May
    This has to be a tie between re-frozen slushy uneven dirty ice stuff just right of the nicely plowed pavement, and super-glassy ice with a dusting of fresh powder - SalshShark

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