Seriously interested in the helmet and the level of protection it offers. Given my size (6' 10", 300-plus), any significant crash is going to involve an absurd amount of energy transfer, , and that may mean that, although I'm a road cyclist, it might be worth departing from a traditional "road cycling" helmet (though the lines of such classifications are blurring of late, see the POC Octal).

Since the Trabec is offered in XL (an absolute must for my huge noggin), it seems worth a look. Plus, non-aero aesthetics aside, when you take the visor off I don't think the Trabec looks half bad. It doesn't look like a Giro or a Lazer, but it's not supposed to.

My main concern is ventilation, heat, and comfort. When I put in a solid effort on the bike, I get hot. Quickly. When I haul my enormity up climbs, I get really hot. Really quickly. Any clydes have experience with this helmet?