i had originally posted this in the car free forum but they suggested i put it here.

my LBS has two raleighs in my price range (which is low low low). they have the M20 and a mojave 2.0. the mojave, of course, is last year's model of the M20... according to the raleigh site, there's no significant difference between the two... some componentry changes and a mild gearing difference as far as i can see.

so there are two questions:
1. are there any differences that you experienced people would point out as being important?
2. they have them ticketed at $250 and $270. that seems a bit high to me as i've seen the mojave listed on this site for around $220 when it was new. what are the odds of getting a better deal... say in the $200 area on the old model? or is the m20 worth the higher price?

thank you all for your help. i appreciate your insights.